TeamViewer Linux Host

At last abandoning WINE and launching native Linux support, TeamViewer announced the availability of a new preview version of its Linux Host with native Linux support. The new release of TeamViewer, a solution for remote support, remote access and online meetings, addresses additional critical system administrator requirements, including support of Wake-On-LAN, assignment of TeamViewer accounts via GUI and additional regulation capabilities. Wake-On-LAN support givers users the power to wake up Linux devices that are in standby mode and connected to a power supply.

Meanwhile, account assignment via GUI on the TeamViewer client permits account owners to share their contacts with each other to support the wider team as well as maintain devices around the clock 24/7. Finally, a "Confirm all" setting lets users ensure that all actions must be directly confirmed from that device, which improves overall security.

The TeamViewer Linux Host requires at least Qt 5.2, Linux Kernel 2.6.27 and GLIBC 2.17.

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