The new version 8.5 of Synopsys' Coverity extends the security umbrella of the static analysis tool to mitigate a wider range of security vulnerabilities. Coverity, a core component of Synopsys' Software Integrity Platform, is an automated software testing tool that analyzes source code to detect critical security vulnerabilities and defects early in the software development lifecycle. Coverity 8.5 adds static analysis capabilities for Ruby and node.js web applications, as well as Android mobile applications. In addition, version 8.5 expands security analysis to address a wider range of security vulnerabilities and adds complete support for MISRA C 2012 coding guidelines used in medical device, automotive and other safety-critical industries.

This version of Coverity is ISO 26262-certified, demonstrating Synopsys' efforts to address vehicle security and safety in the midst of emerging industry trends, such as connected cars and autonomous driving. To support its growing customer base and expand its software integrity business in the Asia Pacific region, Synopsys now offers a localized version of Coverity 8.5 in simplified Chinese, including a localized user interface, reporting, IDE plugins and documentation.

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