SUSE Joins OpenChain Project, Pine64 Making a Linux Smartphone, Linux Foundation Releases First Dev Kit for Its EdgeX Foundry Project, Mozilla Will Match Donations to the Tor Project and a New Version of RaspEX Linux for RPi Now Available

News briefs for October 25, 2018.

SUSE recently joined the OpenChain Project, which makes "open source license compliance simpler and more consistent". HPCWire notes that "conformance with the OpenChain Specification confirms that an organization follows the key requirements of a quality open source compliance program, and builds trust between organizations in the supply chain". In addition, SUSE is the "first enterprise Linux distributor to earn conformance with the OpenChain Project Specification".

Pine64 is making a Linux smartphone that runs KDE Plasma. According to the FOSSBYTES post, the devices will be called PinePhone and PineTab, and Pine64 will begin sending the first PinePhone developer kits to selected devs for free in November. The open-source Linux smartphone is expected to start at around $100.

The Linux Foundation has released the first developer kit for its EdgeX Foundry project, which is for "developing open source edge computing middleware". The kit is Ubuntu-based and is "built around an octa-core Samsung Artik 710 Starter Kit teamed with a GrovePi+ I/O board. Future kits will include an Artik 530 kit, and eventually, a Raspberry Pi/GrovePi+ combination."

The Tor Project has announced that Mozilla will match all donations to the project through the end of the year. ZDNet reports that Mozilla matched $200,000 in donations to Tor last year. This year, Tor plans to use the funds to "increase the capacity modularization and scalability of the Tor network"; "better test for, measure, and design solutions around internet censorship"; and "strengthen development of the Tor Browser for Android".

A new version of RaspEX Linux for Raspberry Pi has been released. This new version as based on Ubuntu 18.10 and uses the LXDE desktop. According to Softpedia News, "RaspEX LXDE Build 181022 is powered by the Linux 4.14.76 LTS kernel built for the ARMv8 architecture, which means that it supports the original Raspberry Pi 3 Model B single-board computer, as well as the latest Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ variant. However, you can also use a 32-bit kernel, Linux 4.14.74 LTS." New packages included in this version are Raspotify (a Spotify Connect client for RPi), Putty, RealVNC and Samba.

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