In Search of Linux Laptops? Check these 6 Places to Get Your Laptop in 2021

Linux Laptops

Are you in search of Linux laptops? This article takes you through 6 different places that offer the best Linux laptops. So get prepared to choose your Linux laptop in 2021.


When it comes to laptops, the first name that comes to my mind is Dell. For over 20 years Dell has been selling high-end Linux laptops. In a Dell store, you can get Ubuntu and Redhat Enterprise Linux laptops. These laptops are built to meet the needs of developers, businesses, and sysadmins.

For developers, who travel a lot, XPS 13 Developer Edition would be the confirmed best choice. Dell XPS comes at an expensive cost of around $1,000. So, if you’re in search of something less expensive, you can check Dell Inspiron laptops. Dell’s Precision workstations with RHEL or Ubuntu are designed for small business owners or CG professionals.

Side Note: Dell doesn’t have a separate section for Linux laptops. Type Ubuntu in the search to get a view of all its laptops with Linux preinstalled.


Slimbook is well known for its thin, rigid, and light durable laptops starting at a reasonable price of €930 (approx $1,075). These come with a nice screen, solid battery life, powerful CPU, and very good speakers.

This brand is from Spain. Slimbook came ahead of its competitors launching the first KDE laptops.

Slimbook brings laptops with a good variety of popular Linux distros, such as KDE Neon, Ubuntu, Ubuntu MATE, Linux Mint, Kubuntu. Additionally, their laptops have two Spanish Linux distros – Max and Lliurex. You can choose Windows OS as well with their laptops, but for that, additional costs are there.

Slimbook offers desktop systems too. So, if you ever need desktops, check it here


System76’s Linux laptops are very well built, powerful, and extremely portable. If you are a software developer, you travel a lot, and you’re in search of a laptop with 32G RAM and 1T SSD, then go for System76.

System76 laptops used to be Ubuntu-powered, initially. Later on, in 2017, this US-based company released their own Linux distro, called the Pop! OS. Pop OS is designed using Ubuntu. After that, Pop became the default OS with Ubuntu being still available.

They worked well in designing their computers as well. Thelio desktops by System76 have an excellent handcrafted wooden texture on them. You can check their servers and Linux-based mini PCs.

Tuxedo Computers

Tuxedo Computers is another European computer provider that offers laptops with preloaded Linux. Tuxedo is a German company and their computers manufactured in Germany come with lifetime support and a 5-year guarantee.

The laptops include OpenSUSE Linux and Ubuntu. Some real efforts by Tuxedo can be seen in the customization of hardware parts. At any time, you can restore the factory settings to do the system recovery.

Apart from computers, you get Linux-supported accessories, such as power banks, DVD/Blu-Ray burners, docking stations, and other peripherals from Tuxedo’s store. Tuxedo Computers also offers Intel and AMD processors

Retro Freedom

A computer manufacturer, Ministry of Freedom, in short, ‘Minifree’, was an England-based company. However, after the Corona pandemic, the company closed its doors in June 2020. However, the shutdown was temporary. And it resumed operations with RetroFreedom.

Their computers are secure and respect users’ privacy. The laptops, having FSF-endorsed Libreboot BIOS and pre-installed Trisquel GNU+Linux, are built to give you freedom. Free Software Foundation endorses Trisquel. This means you mustn’t have any doubts about their computers following Free and Open Source guidelines.

Laptops sold by Retro Freedom start at a reasonable price of €200. Plus you get a 2-year warranty. If you aim for laptops with 100% free software, go with Retro Freedom. isn’t about a shop for Ubuntu, though its name might sound like so. Ubuntushop is in Belgium and they sell computers with pre-installed Ubuntu.

At present, they are offering laptops loaded with Manjaro, Linux Mint, and Elementary OS. You can get a Linux distribution of your choice by requesting them for the same.

An interesting fact is that Ubuntushop’s laptops come with the default Tails OS. Tails OS is a Debian-based Linux distro and it uses the Tor network (default). And Tails leaves no traces behind once you are logged out. You can always boot into Tails OS (live USB not required) even after choosing a different Linux distribution.

Ubuntushop has done a good job providing its own cloud server, easy reinstall, and other such options. So, these laptops can be good for domestic use.

Still in Doubt?

Are you still in doubt about which laptop to choose? Then Linux laptops from Think PenguinPurismLinux Certified, and Libiquity might bring a solution.

Suparna is a freelance writer who writes about Linux including tips, tricks, and how-tos.

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