Search Engine has returned

by David Lane

If you, like me, follow technology trends and issues as much as you do the underlying technology that makes them, then you have probably stumbled across a podcast out of Canada called Search Engine. It is produced by the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation and it has covered everything from changes in copyright law to Chinese filtering to on-line gaming "sweat shops." One of my personal favorites is about the "off-shore" gambling set up on a Mohawk reservation outside of Montreal.

At the end of last season, the podcast, which was not only successful, but award winning was canceled by the CBC. The host, Jesse Brown, in signing off suggested that we not delete our subscriptions just in case the CBC had a change of heart or a lobotomy or some similar act of nature.

So this morning, I was surprised to see a new podcast from Search Engine pop up in my iTunes. And pleasantly surprised. Search Engine is not back in the traditional sense. The CBC has not had a lobotomy, or even a change of heart. The best way to discover what happened, is to listen to the podcast yourself. I am not sure if any of the past podcasts are available on-line(they should be, you might have to hunt) but if you have missed the first season, I encourage you to check them out.

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