SCO v. Novell Back on the Front Burner

It's been a while since anything interesting went on in the epic SCO v. Novell litigation — primarily because the matter has been mired in federal court for months due to SCO's Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Things have heated back up though, perhaps hotter than they've ever been, as the long-awaited trial has begun!

The legal-beagles over at Groklaw have been keeping track of the SCO tomfoolery since time immemorial, and are in top form for covering the big game. The trial, which began Tuesday, was outlined on Monday covering just what will — and more importantly, won't — be said at trial. As usual, they have Open Source operatives on the ground, waiting with bated breath for each new twist and turn, and dutifully reporting back at the end of each day. From what has been reported, Day One was long and grueling, with everyone including the onlookers exhausted by the final gavel. Day Two — yesterday — was more productive, with Novell's team outplaying, outshining, and outsmarting the SCO boys at every turn — not surprising, given that SCO sent in a lawyer so new that the ink on his bar exam has barely had time to dry.

Where will it go? We suppose the only safe answer is to say "Only time will tell," but if we had to bet our bums on it, we'd be pretty confident in saying "SCO will get beaten so bad their great-great-grandchildren will feel it." The only hurdle that remains is the Bankruptcy Court, which will get the final say on whether Novell ever sees any of the multi-millions we just about guarantee Judge Kimball is going to hand them.

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