Rust v1.34.0, NoScript Now in Chrome Web Store, PinePhone Sneak Peek, Purism Starts to Ship Pre-Built Binaries for BIOS Updates, Systemd 242 Released

The Rust programming language project has officially announced the release of version 1.34.0, the largest feature of which is the introduction of alternative cargo registries.

Good news for NoScript users out there. The public beta of version 10.6.1 of the cross-browser plugin passed the Google review process and officially landed in the Chrome web store.

For those who are excitedly awaiting the PinePhone release, you can sneak in a few early images of the development kit running both KDE Plasma Mobile and PostmarketOS here.

While Purism laptops have been shipping with Coreboot for some time, updates were originally delivered by source code. Well, no more. Purism will start to ship pre-built binaries for BIOS updates.

Systemd 242 is officially released now adding support for the Extended Boot Loader "XBOOTLDR" specification (system-boot), L2TP tunnels (Networkd), OCI runtime (nspawn) and more.

Petros Koutoupis, LJ Editor at Large, is currently a senior performance software engineer at Cray for its Lustre High Performance File System division. He is also the creator and maintainer of the RapidDisk Project. Petros has worked in the data storage industry for well over a decade and has helped pioneer the many technologies unleashed in the wild today.

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