Ruby Related Conference Announcements

by Pat Eyler

It must be the season for big announcements, because they seem to be flying right now. I'd like to point out two of them from the Ruby community.

InfoQ has announced their QCon, to be held March 12-16 in London. This Ruby-centric conference looks like it will be a big one. Several big names (Joshua Kerievsky, Graeme Rocher, Jeff Sutherland, and more) have already signed up to speak. If you're going to be in London around the Ides of March, this should be a great way to get more involved in the Ruby, AJAX, and Agile communities.

The Rubyists in the Mountain West (the layton.rb, slc.rb, and UtahValley.rb, the boise.rb, and the Boulder-Denver Ruby Group), are working together to put on the first MountainWest RubyConf. This conference will run the same weekend (March 16-17) as QCon, and will be combined with the second Ruby Implementers Summit (see here for information about the first one). There's a call for papers if you're interested in presenting.

I'm excited to see the growth of Regional Ruby Conferences. Hopefully we'll see some great results from the first couple, to build even more momentum in the Ruby community.

Breaking News

Just a quick note, the first release candidate of Rails 1.2 is out. Exciting times indeed!