Retro United Ltd.'s Write!

Even when you're sequestered in a monastery with nothing to do but write, you still need a tool to record your thoughts. Realizing the overabundance of bloatware out there—replete with features, icons, templates, check boxes and other stuff that consumes screen space and RAM—Retro United, Ltd., released Write!, a new distraction-free text editor for Linux, Windows and MacOS.

Write! is an elegant workspace for any kind of writing, from notes to to-do lists, tweets and novels—writing projects and texts of any kind. It has all the features of a good word processor, notes Retro, packed into a clutter-free interface. Write! is as functional as it is aesthetically pleasing with a minimalist design and features a specialized focus mode for concentrating on a single paragraph at a time.

Write!'s publishing feature lets users quickly publish their writing online for target readers—for example, Twitter followers—and a dark theme makes nighttime writing pleasant for the eyes.

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