Removing a major Compiz annoyance

by Nicholas Petreley

As much as I love the 3D Compiz/Cgwd, there is one thing I can do without: Wobbly menus. When you pull down or pop-up a wobbly menu, hitting the right menu selection is like target practice. It's even worse if you have to drill down to a sub-sub-sub menu selection because each sub-menu wobbles, too. Here's how to turn off this behavior in the most recent installation of Compiz.

Use the csm program to customize the behavior of plugins. Select Wobbly Windows from the left panel. Look for the Map Windows Types group box. Uncheck PopupMenu, Unknown and DropdownMenu. That's all there is to it. You can uncheck Menu, too, if it's checked on your system. It isn't checked by default on mine. Here's a quick screen shot of the csm configuration.