Regional Ruby Conferences Are Taking Shape

by Pat Eyler

Last summer, I wrote about local Ruby events and the RubyConf*MI event that was (at that time) just announced. Since then, I've taken some time to write about regional conferences, and to encourage people to check out the Ruby Central grant program.

The organizers have recently opened up registration for the 2007 MountainWest RubyConf. This should be a great event. They've got some really speakers lined up and they're keeping the price right (just $50). Geoffrey Grossenbach has even lined up some training before the conference.

The Silicon Valley Ruby Conf organizers have released a call for presenters. They haven't announced a location yet, but should make that announcement soon. The conference will be April 20-21.

I've heard that there is an impending call for presenters from the Gotham Ruby Conference. This one will be in New York City on the 21st of April, and is targeting Rubyists from around the world. It'stoo bad that it's on the same weekend as the Silicon Valley event though.

I've heard some rumblings about a second annual RubyConf*MI to be held this summer. They're changing the name to Michigan Ruby Conference and planning a number of improvements (though they put on a great conference last year). I believe they'll be releasing a call for presenters in February.

Momentum for regional gatherings like this is growing. 2007 is looking good for Ruby fans.