Raleigh, We Have a Problem

Something is going on at Fedora Project central, but what exactly it is, we don't quite know. In a brief message to the Fedora announce mailing list last Thursday, Fedora Project Leader Paul Frields revealed that the project's "infrastructure systems" were experiencing an "issue," which was under investigation by the Infrastructure Team. He warned that service outages were likely, and went as far as to recommend that users avoid updating or downloading any packages until the problem was resolved.

In an equally brief follow-up on Saturday, Frields reported that work was continuing on the "issues" — the nature of which he did not disclose — with the then-current focus being restoration of the account system and certain application servers. He also indicated that some systems would be upgraded in the process, utilizing the opportunity provided by the downtime. The message closed by advising that outages were expected to continue for some systems, and asked for users to remain patient while the repairs are underway.

As of this writing, no further updates have been forthcoming, and the project's Weekly News report contained no additional information about the status of the issue, other than to note that a considerable amount of work was underway to make repairs. Breaking News will continue to monitor the situation and provide updates as they become available.

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