PSSC Labs' PowerServe HPC Servers and PowerWulf HPC Clusters

In its quest to provide customers the latest and best computing solutions that deliver relentless performance with the absolute lowest TCO, PSSC Labs has supercharged two server solutions with next-generation processing power.

The breakthrough technology of Intel's new Xeon Scalable Processors has been integrated into PSSC Labs' PowerServe HPC line of servers and the PowerWulf line of HPC clusters, a move that guarantees performance capable of handling cutting-edge computing tasks, such as real-time analytics, virtualized infrastructure and high-performance computing.

Besides the advanced architecture, the new processors offer a diverse suite of platform innovations for enhanced application performance including Intel AVX-512, Intel Mesh Architecture, Intel QuickAssist, Intel Optane SSDs and Intel Omni-Path Fabric.

Both PSSC Labs solutions are designed for reliable, flexible, HPC solutions targeted at government, academic and commercial environments. Some examples of sectors that will benefit from the new performance include design and engineering, life and physical sciences, financial services and machine/deep learning.

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