PSSC Labs' Eco Blade 1U

Arguably "the greenest blade server on the market", PSSC Labs' new Eco Blade 1U rack server offers power and performance with energy savings of up to 46% over competing servers, says the company. Engineered specifically for high-performance, high-density computing environments, the Eco Blade is a unique server platform that simultaneously increases compute density while decreasing power use.

The solution offers two complete and independent servers contained in 1U of rack space. Each independent server supports up to 64 Intel Xeon processor cores and 1.0TB of enterprise memory for a total of up to 128 Cores and 2TB of memory per 1U. A unique design feature—the lack of a shared power supply or backplane—provides for the bulk of Eco Blade's power savings and thus lower long-term TCO.

PSSC Labs calls on the IT industry to contribute its share to reducing its environmental footprint. The Eco Blade enables organizations to obtain the performance needed to fuel cutting-edge research and groundbreaking enterprises while significantly reducing the power used and, thanks to the 55% recyclable material content, waste generated via the data center.

The Eco Blade 1U server is certified compatible with Red Hat CentOS, Ubuntu and Microsoft operating systems.

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