Programmer Deathmatch II

by Pat Eyler

Last fall, Berkeley Data Systems ran a "Programmer Deathmatch", offering a $10,000 prize to the one programmer who successfully navigated 3 timed rounds of programming competition. (You can read my write up of the event here and here.)

Of course, Berkeley Data Systems wasn't just trying to add some fun to the local landscape, they were looking for some programmers to recruit and they ended up finding two of them. It looks like they've decided that this was money well spent, because on April 14th, they'll be holding a second in what they've told me will be a recurring series of events.

This time around the stakes are even higher. They've promise $20,000 which will be distributed according to the following equation:

There are some restrictions:

  • only a few languages are allowed (yes, Ruby's one of them)
  • all contestants must be full-time residents of Utah
  • all contestants must be eligible to work in the state of Utah

There are a few more, but you can go and read them at if you'd like.

If you're a Utahn, and up for a programming challenge, you might want to leave April 14th open on your calendar. Oh, and if you decide to compete, good luck — judging from last year's competition, you'll need it.