Privacy-focused Linux Distributions to Secure Your Online Presence in 2021

Privacy-focused Linux Distributions to Secure Your Online Presence in 2021

Linux distros are usually more secure than their Windows and Mac counterparts. Linux Operating Systems being open-source leaves very less scope of unauthorized access to its core. However, with the advancement of technologies, incidents of attacks are not rare.

Are you in a fix with the coming reports of Linux systems targeted malware attacks? Worried about your online presence? Then maybe it’s time to go for a secure, privacy-focused Linux distro. This article presents a guide to 3 privacy-oriented Linux distributions that respect your privacy online.

Why You Need a Privacy-focused Linux Distro

But before jumping into that, let’s have a brief overview regarding the importance of a secure Linux Operating System. You may know that the Operating System is the core software of your computer. It helps maintain communication across all the hardware, software, memory, and processor of the system. It also manages the hardware parts.

If your computer isn’t secure enough to use, then hackers can get easy access to the OS and can exploit it to view your files and track your presence on the internet. Privacy-focused Linux distributions offer a lot of good choices packed with the most reliable features to select from.

5 Privacy-focused Linux Distributions

Now let’s take a look at the most privacy-focused Linux distros that allow staying secure.

Septor Linux

Septor Linux is an OS created by the project called Serbian Linux. Serbian Linux also produces Serbian language-based general general-purpose Linux distribution. Septor implements the KDE Plasma desktop environment and is a newcomer among all other distros.

The Septor operating system offers a stable and reliable user experience. It’s suitable for a vast range of computers because it is built upon Debian GNU/Linux. So, a solid privacy level is what you can expect. The distro routes all of the internet traffic through Tor network to earn privacy credentials. The distro used to use a launcher script to pick up the latest Tor, however, now Tor comes in bundles with it by default.

Besides the Tor browser, a couple of Tor tools are included as well. Other features include OnionShare anonymous file sharing, Ricochet instant messaging; and some of the privacy-enhancing programs, such as VeraCrypt encryption tool, Metadata Anonymisation Toolkit (MAT), and the cache clearing Sweeper utility.

Alpine Linux

Alpine Linux is a Linux OS that’s non-commercial, independent, and a general-purpose Linux distro. It can be directly run from RAM. Presently, Alpine Linux is around only 4MB. This tiny size makes Alpine a top choice. Alpine Linux is for those power users who need a simple, secure, and resource-efficient distribution. At the moment, Alpine 3.14.1 is the latest version released. Alpine Linux is made with musl, Busybox, apk tools, and toolchain.

Alpine is a developers’ favorite specifically for building a Docker Image. This Linux distribution has a low attack surface and is highly cost-effective. Here the binaries are compiled as PIE or Position Independent Executable including stack smashing protection. This helps prevent the exploitation of all zero-day classes and other such vulnerabilities. 

Parrot Security OS

Parrot Security OS is produced by FrozenBox and was released in 2013. It’s a Debian-based Linux distro. Parrot was created for working anonymously, ethical hacking, and penetration testing. It can test authorized simulated attacks helping its system vulnerabilities assessment.

Parrot OS is a free GNU distro and open-source. Hence, it’s widely used by developers, researchers, privacy enthusiasts, penetration testers, and forensic investigators. This Linux distro has an in-built portable lab that helps protect your computer from being under attack of security vulnerabilities.

This offers a rolling release of updates and frequently added applications. Some of the core applications included in its desktop environment are Parrot Terminal, OnionShare, MATE, and Tor Browser. Have you faced trouble in navigating through heavy operating systems earlier? Parrot’s sleek UI and easy navigation make it stand out.

Summing Up: Which Linux Distro is for You

And this is the conclusion of privacy-focused Linux distributions. Have you decided on any distro? If you did, well done! And if you did not select any Linux distribution yet, here’s a summary that might help in making a decision.

All the above Linux distributions are developed keeping your online privacy in mind. If you’re in search of a general-purpose distro for your day-to-day chores choose Septor Linux. Coders would probably be happy choosing Alpine and Parrot. If a lightweight distro is your particular requirement go with Alpine Linux.

I hope you find this guide helpful. Follow Linux Journal to learn everything about Linux.

Suparna is a freelance writer who writes about Linux including tips, tricks, and how-tos.

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