As Predicted, OpenSolaris Board Disbands

When the OpenSolaris Governing Board issued their ultimatum to Oracle on July 12, few thought it would have the desired effect of saving OpenSolaris. The board sent a message that if Oracle didn't start to show some interest in OpenSolaris by August 23, they would disband and leave OpenSolaris without leadership and guidance. That day arrived and the board did as they promised.

Oracle had practically ignored OpenSolaris since its acquisition of Sun and its assets last year. The OpenSolaris board tried to continue work, but it became increasingly difficult as they wondered if their work was being wasted. So on July 12 the board issued their now famous "put up or quit" message. Most believed Oracle would allow this date to come and pass without reply, but they were wrong. Oracle did respond, just not the way anyone wanted.

The Illumos project was announced on August 3rd, an off-shoot of OpenSolaris, to safeguard code and provide a base for a fork should Oracle pull the plug. This step foreshadowed the inevitable and on August 13 Oracle announced that it would end all support and access to OpenSolaris effectively driving a stake into the heart of OpenSolaris and the governing board. So, it was with little doubt the board would have no choice but disband.

Thus it was a mere formality when the final OpenSolaris Board meeting was held to tie up loose ends and submit resignations. This last step confirms that OpenSolaris is no more.

RIP OpenSolaris, Long Live Illumos.

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