Picturing CES, continued

by Doc Searls

Linux wasn't everywhere at CES, but it was close, making it impossible to see Everything with Linux in it. But we tried.

The result, so far, is a 218-shot CES2008 Photoset at the (Linux-hosted) Linux Journal Flickr site.

You can find my current rough-draft CES report in the captions for those pictures. The geeky section begins here, and the new pictures I put up last night and this morning begin here. The most thickly represented booths among these are Intel's and Bug Labs'. Intel gets props for filling their Mobility booth with lots of gear running Linux. Bug Labs was just one of the hottest companies at the show, and provided lots of fodder for future Linux Journal coverage.

Read more at the links above, until I get around to summarizing the whole thing here.

And feel free to offer corrections, links and leads to deeper information in the comments section under each photo and caption.

By the way, if you run the whole set in slideshow mode, and click on the "i" in the middle of the shot, you'll see the captions as the show rolls through the pictures.

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