PC/OS Resurrects BeOS for a New Generation

As many loyal readers will know, the brilliant-but-before-its-time BeOS operating system is near and dear to our hearts here at LinuxJournal.com. This being the case, we were overjoyed to learn that a new Ubuntu derivative labeled PC/OS is bringing back echoes of those bygone, halcyon days of BeOS glory.

The new release — which terms itself targeted for "the home user, the expert user, the multimedia developer, and the software developer" — makes its start at "simplified computing" from Ubuntu, and branches off with the Xfce desktop, Tracker, the BeOS-inspired file manager, and the C/C++ integrated development environment Anjuta, among others. Also included is a hefty suite of AV applications, including Inkscape, Audacity, StopMotion, Raw Studio, Glade Interface Designer, and Open Movie Editor, as well as system tools like Wireshark and the proprietary driver locater EnvyNG. Server and "OpenWorkstation" editions are already available from PC/OS, with a PowerPC offering in the works.

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