PasswordPing Ltd.'s Exposed Password and Credentials API Service

The typical online user has an average of 90 active and inactive online accounts. This exposure to threats, notes software and IT security specialist PasswordPing Ltd., helps to inform us why billions of credentials have been exposed in the past five years alone. To assist organizations and companies to screen their user accounts for known, compromised credentials, PasswordPing Ltd. announced the launch of its new password and credential breach notification service.

Organizations can be alerted of exposed credentials and request users to update their credentials when they set up their account, reset their password or log in to their account. At its core, PasswordPing is a massive cloud database of exposed credential data. The company's various web-based APIs provide different views into this data, tailored for different use cases. The Passwords API, which can be used as part of a sign-up form or a password-change form, takes a password and returns a result indicating whether that password has been exposed. The Credentials API takes a user name/password combination and returns a result indicating whether those credentials have been exposed. If a user's credentials are exposed, the user can be notified and prompted to change the password.

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