openSUSE to Celebrate 11.4 with Virtual Dance Party

Many large projects mark their significant releases with launch parties. Some become legend for their over-the-top festivities. Photos populate the share sites. Blogs are written for weeks following. But openSUSE has come up with a uniquely Gecko idea: a virtual dance party.

On February 3, Bruno Friedman announced the clever launch party. In his announcement Friedman listed the three dates of March 9 10 & 11 2011 at 16:00 UTC. For those in the US that translates to 11:00 AM Eastern Time, 10:00 AM Central, or 8:00 AM Pacific. The location is described as Macedonia at 183,213,21 coordinates or search for the Geekos group and join. It's an all you can virtually eat, drink, and dance party. Of course there will be lots of pictures, installation movies, and discussions.

To test the electronic waters, a Release Candidate 1 launch party was held. About 50 participants crowded the dance floor at the two and a half hour event featuring Pop/Rock music and lots of comradery. The tests proved successful and as Friedman said, "The place rocks!"

Several DJ parties are planned for the coming weeks. DJ Britt will lead festivities on February 20, February 27, March 06, and March 13. DJ Lillith will host the main events on March 9, March 10, and March 11. Other intermediate events will also be held, so check time and dates at

Promotional t-shirts are being provided, so go pick your avatar and party with the lizard.


Susan Linton is a Linux writer and the owner of


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Its a nice and Great

haiqa's picture

Its a nice and Great Idea.

Its Great Idea

Fahim Murshed's picture

Its a nice and Great Idea. Wis you best of success openSUSE :)

Typos in name

Bruno Friedmann's picture

Hi Susan, thanks for the article.

If you could just apply a second N at the end of my name : Friedmann it's more the german spelling in fact :-)

About the time : we try to give it in UTC and in SL (secondlife time) which is mainly the california time slot.

Hope to see you there too !

What time is it?

Anonymous's picture

I thought that it was UCT not UTC. An acronym for Universal Co-ordinate Time.


Anonymous's picture

Coordinated Universal Time (abbreviated UTC)

11.4 -- just another number

macias's picture

I would be more happy to see regression bugs would finally be fixed, than seeing just another number in a sequence which really means nothing. Some time ago it meant some kind of achievement, what does it mean now? New wallpaper?

Partying with lizard sounds

turn_self_off's picture

Partying with lizard sounds trippy.


c1sM0's picture

I thought 1600 UTC is 1100AM EST in the US.


Susan Linton's picture

Yep, I believe you're correct. Thanks so much!

Susan Linton is a Linux writer and the owner of