OpenMoko Unveils Open Source Smartphone

Open Source phones have captivated our attention for quite a while, from the now-superseded Greenphone to Google's eagerly-anticipated Android. Now there's news about the next wave in truly-open phones, OpenMoko.

OpenMoko's Neo1973, the Open Source smartphone that runs open software on open hardware, is finally making its debut at the Consumer Electronics Show 2008. For those that remember last year's CES, OpenMoko was a big hit, with predictions that the phone would be available early in 2007. Developers already have their hands on — surprise — a development version, but OpenMoko execs are saying the version at CES will be even better, with 3D graphics and Wi-Fi.

According to reports, the systems will be compatible with AT&T and T-Mobile service in the US, but won't run on the most recent third-generation wireless networks.

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