Ocado Technology's Kubermesh

Instead of relying on servers concentrated in one large data center, the new Kubermesh is designed to simplify data-center architectures for smart factories by elegantly and cost effectively leveraging a distributed network of computing nodes spread across the enterprise. Developed by Ocado Technology, a division of Ocado (the world's largest online-only supermarket), the Kubermesh package uses container-based technology and the Kubernetes system to implement an on-premises private cloud architecture in which desktop computers can be configured as nodes supporting the compute or storage functionality typically delivered by high-performance servers in a data center.

Ocado Technology observes that Kubermesh-based nodes are fault-tolerant, secure, flexible and designed to process the generous amounts of real-time data generated in smart factories. By distributing data-center functionality into a mesh network of nodes, Kubermesh alleviates the need for a dedicated data center and complex networking infrastructure, resulting in significant reductions in not just energy consumption but also the capital and significant operational expenditures that come with maintaining in-house high-performance servers.

With Kubermesh, Ocado Technology hopes for internal gains through unlocking the potential of container technology and external gains as the Open Source community deploys and develops Kubermesh in new and exciting ways.

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