New Products Roundup

Integrated security systems going green; real-time Linux; CRMs; data automation; and security management tools top off our editors' new products roundup.

Astaro Joins the Green Grid

Given that your editor is a total green tech geek, pretty much any news related to greener computing will get the 'green light'. Turns out that Astaro, a vendor of integrated security appliances, has joined The Green Grid, a global consortium dedicated to advancing energy efficiency in data centers and business computing ecosystems. The company will focus on collaborating with other members to improve and promote efficiency in network security. Astaro emphasized the advantages of idea sharing and collaboration promoted by the Green Grid. Furthermore, Astaro hopes that robust security must not come at the expense of robust network security nor should it increasing costs. Astaro seeks out energy efficiency by integrating disparate network security products onto a single solution, allowing customers to minimize energy consumption and reduce physical waste while tailoring to any network infrastructure.

RedHawk Linux 5.1

Concurrent is moving forward the offerings for real-time Linux with the new Version 5.1 of its RedHawk Linux. RedHawk is geared towards "time-critical applications in simulation and training, data acquisition, imaging, financial services and process control." With RedHawk, Concurrent guarantees that a user-level application can respond to an external event in less than 30 microseconds. New features in v5.1 include: NUMA performance optimization; 2.6.23 Linux kernel; 100% compatibility with Red Hat Enterprise 5.1; support for the latest Intel and AMD quad-core processors and chipsets; user-level device driver support; latest NVIDIA graphics drivers optimized for real-time performance; and new lockless kernel trace feature for enhanced real-time debugging and performance analysis. RedHawk is a part of Concurrent's NightStar tools, an integrated package for developing time-critical Linux applications.

Compiere's ERP/CRM Solution

Isn't it wonderful how many key tools are now open source? Compiere's contribution is an ERP/CRM solution, whose forte is enabling companies to "achieve business unit autonomy while maintaining centralized control." Companies can maintain decentralized organizational structures and hierarchies such as independent business units, subsidiaries, cost centers, product lines and regions. The new release includes more than 50 usability enhancements, functionality improvements and community contributions, such as business-unit-specific accounting calendars and improved Web-user interface usability. In addition to the Compiere Community Edition, the firm offers Professional and Standard editions, too, with additional features and support options.

Linoma Software's GoAnywhere

Linoma Software has invested 3 years of development and over $1 million in R&D into its new GoAnywhere product, a solution for automating data retrieval, translation, encryption, compression and data distribution. With GoAnywhere, organizations can consolidate all of their data transmission and processing needs in one solution with a single point of control and administration, which eliminates customer programming and manual steps that have ben traditionally required. GoAnywhere connects to a wide array of servers for exchanging data, including FTP, HTTP, Email and Database servers. No additional components need be installed onto servers to which GoAnywhere connects. Transmissions can be protected using a variety of encryption standards. GoAnywhere can be deployed on Linux, IBM System i, UNIX and Windows, as well as exchange data with most database servers.

Trusted Computer Solutions Security Blanket Enterprise Edition

Just remember, you read it here first, folks - next week Trusted Computer Solutions will release an Enterprise Edition of Security Blanket, an automated system lock down and security management tool for Linux. Security Blanket 2.0 enables systems administrators to automatically configure and enhance the security of their Linux platforms by simplifying the 'hardening' process that must be undertaken on a regular basis to meet security compliance requirements. Various security guidelines are included. Key advancements in v2.0 include the ability to manage local and remote Linux servers from a centralized management console and a Web-based interface for remote access. The application supports Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 4 and 5, CentOS versions 4 and 5, and Oracle Enterprise Linux, versions 4 and 5 and runs on SELinux, enforcing the default targeted policy provided with the operating system.

PIKA Technologies' T1/E1 and Analog Boards Compatible with FreeSWITCH

The company PIKA Technologies let loose with the news that its entire family of analog and digital host media processing boards is now compatible with the open-source FreeSWITCH. FreeSWITCH is designed to facilitate the creation of voice and chat-driven products scaling from a soft phone up to a soft switch, which can be used as a simple switching engine, a PBX, a media gateway or a media server to host IVR applications. Recently PIKA announced similar compatibility with the Asterisk platform. The folks at PIKA say that "FreeSWITCH users will have access to PIKA’s robust media-processing software and hardware, and as a result, be able to stabilize as well as add incremental value to their applications."

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