Nativ Vita

The motto "open to anything" underpins Nativ's development philosophy on all of its audio solutions, including its new Nativ Vita, "the world's first High-Resolution Music Player" and touchscreen control center that is designed to function as the central access point for one's entire music collection.

This philosophy is evident in Nativ Vita's Linux and open-source internals, offering advantages like support for virtually any music service—even lesser-known and regional services like Jango Radio, KKBox and Paradise Radio—and extensibility far beyond pure audio applications. Naturally, Nativ Vita supports mainstream music services like Apple Music, SoundCloud, Vevo, Spotify, TIDAL, Pandora and Amazon Music, among others.

Nativ Vita can store up to 4TB of music on its internal hard disk drives or SSDs and can access remote files on a PC, NAS or smartphone. Wireless streaming to multi-room speaker systems is achieved utilizing popular solutions like SONOS and Bluesound and to high-end headphones via Bluetooth aptX. A high-end digital output stage with myriad outputs ranging from AES/EBU to USB Audio Class 2.0 connect the Vita to an amplifier or USB DAC for best-in-class sound performance.

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