Nativ Disc

Although most music lovers stream or download music today, the stubborn pre-millennials among us have legacy CD collections at home. This demographic is the perfect target group for Nativ Disc, a bit-perfect CD Ripper that allows users to import up to 12,000 CDs—in lossless FLAC, uncompressed WAV or lossy MP3 format—into their Nativ Vita high-resolution music player.

Nativ Disc and Nativ Vita are produced by Nativ, a self-described "nimble and innovative tech startup" that designs audiophile-level components with the latest and greatest in technology by leveraging the power of the crowd through an open platform. To make Nativ Disc the best it can be, Nativ partnered with music-database specialist Gracenote to deliver a more immersive experience and help users re-discover music like never before.

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