A Modest GNU/Linux Proposal for Michael Dell

by Glyn Moody

For anyone who has been using open source for a while, the current commercial enthusiasm for communities, collaboration, and all things Web 2.0, is rather amusing. After all, the idea that users are not to be regarded simply as passive and grateful recipients of whatever is handed down to them from on high, but need to be treated as partners and participants who can make valuable contributions to the formulation and development of new products, is central to the way that free software works. But some companies that are starting to dabble with Web 2.0 ideas are discovering that you have to be careful what you wish for when you solicit this kind of user feedback. Just ask Michael Dell.

Against a background of some corporate turbulence, Dell has created what it calls its IdeaStorm site:

The name is a take-off on the word “brainstorm

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