Mistral Solutions' 820 Nano SOM

One of the smallest System on a Module (SOM) solutions currently available in the market—measuring a mere 51mm x 26mm—is Mistral Solutions' 820 Nano SOM. The company predicts that its new 820 Nano SOM solution is "destined to be a preferred SoM in the industry".

The 820 Nano SOM is Mistral's latest small-form-factor, high-performance SOM and is based on the powerful Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 processor, which enjoys an ecosystem of technology providers using the latter company's solutions.

The 820 Nano SOM supports latest platform features like Type-C functionality, 4K Encode/Decode and integrated 9-axis MEMS on a very small footprint, making it ideal for development of wearable headset computers, AR/VR glasses, drones, high-end cameras, media gateways, assistive devices and other smart gadgets needing a significant processing power on a small package footprint.

Application development on the 820 Nano SOM is facilitated on Android Nougat and embedded Linux using a feature-rich carrier board that enables quick prototyping. Mistral further offers optional adaptor boards, such as LCD, camera, sensors and battery charger for increased ease of development around the 820 Nano SOM.

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