Minifree Ltd.'s GNU+Linux Computers

Minifree Ltd.—doing business as "Ministry of Freedom"—exists mainly for reasons Linuxers will like: to make it easier for people to get computers that respect their freedom and privacy, and to provide funding for a meaningful project, called Libreboot.

Minifree describes Libreboot as a free (libre) and open-source BIOS/UEFI replacement that offers faster boot speeds, better security and many advanced features compared to most proprietary boot firmware.

Minifree recently announced availability of three computers: the Libreboot C201 laptop, the Libreboot D16 Desktop and Libreboot D16 Server. All come with the Libreboot firmware and Debian GNU+Linux operating system preinstalled and are free of unwanted bloatware, DRM, spyware or restrictions on computer usage rights. The Libreboot C201 laptop is a configurable, lightweight and portable laptop ideal for anyone needing a small, lightweight computer for travel, work or general entertainment purposes. The Libreboot D16 Desktop is a configurable, high-end, business-grade, secure owner-controlled workstation free of backdoors implanted by the NSA and other agencies. Finally, the Libreboot D16 Server is a configurable, high-end, business-grade, secure owner-controlled server, also free of the aforementioned backdoors.

Minifree ships its machines worldwide from the United Kingdom.

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