Microstar Laboratories, Inc.'s Accel64 for Linux

Microstar Laboratories, Inc., develops Data Acquisition Processor (DAP) systems for PC-based high-performance multichannel measurement applications. Microstar observes that GNU/Linux distributions generally presume that if you have 64-bit hardware and a 64-bit operating system, the applications will use compatible 64-bit development tools and drivers, leaving support for 32-bit applications incomplete. This can present problems for vetted 32-bit applications, particularly those dependent on kernel extensions.

To deal with the problem, Microstar's latest innovation in the DAP space is Accel64 for Linux software, version 1.00. Accel64 allows advanced DAP applications to be supported as 32-bit applications on 32-bit or 64-bit hardware platforms, or as 64-bit applications on 64-bit hardware platforms. Delegation of complex real-time details to the DAP/DAPL systems means that data acquisition applications can use generic kernels and graphical desktop environments, even on lightweight platforms without 64-bit support. This new software is available for free download.

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