Mattel, Hasbro Pull the Plug on Facebook Fun

Playing with toys isn't always fun, as users of the popular social-networking site Facebook found out with the news that the owners of Scrabble — toy manufacturers Mattel and Hasbro — have requested that a popular Scrabble-like application be removed from the site.

The application in question is Scrabulous, one of the top ten plug-ins on the site, developed by Indian developers Jayant and Rajat Agarwalla. As it's name suggests, the plug-in allows users — reportedly well over half a million per day — to play Scrabble with friends, an activity one would assume the makers of Scrabble would appreciate. Such is not the case, however, as the toy companies' lawyers are circling on Facebook, asking the site to pull the application over allegations that it infringes on the copyright held jointly by the two companies.

When asked what would become of the application, Facebook declined to comment, but as of Wednesday night, the application remained available on the site, while a group had formed with over 11,000 members petitioning to save the game.

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