Make TV Awesome with Bluecop


A few weeks back, I was whining that although Doctor Who was available on Amazon Prime streaming, I didn't have any way to watch it on my television. Thankfully, my friend Richard Servello pointed me to the bluecop repo for XBMC. Not only does bluecop support Amazon Prime streaming, but it also has add-ons for Hulu and countless other network-video-streaming collections.

TV Screen showing Amazon prime on xbmc

Now, not only can I take advantage of my Amazon Prime membership on our 55" TV, but also my family can watch clips of The Target Lady on Hulu. I don't think the add-ons in the bluecop repo are endorsed by any of the streaming-media providers, but it seems they pull video only from the Web. If you want to extend your XBMC setup to include a huge selection of streaming media, check out the bluecop repository ( Richard, thanks for the tip!

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