LiveCode Ltd.'s LiveCode

"Everyone Can Code" is the vision that its maker has for LiveCode, a highly productive coding environment for Linux, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows and Server platforms. LiveCode Ltd. spent three years and weathered a $750,000 Kickstarter to enable a LiveCode rewrite from the ground up. The result is LiveCode 8, which adds a new plug-in architecture that allows users to drag/drop widgets containing sophisticated functionality. Widgets can be built within the LiveCode platform and used to wrap functionality in external libraries or each of the operating systems LiveCode supports.

The new features in LiveCode 8 are intended to empower a new audience of app makers. Some of these include nine pre-made widgets, 46 new extensions, the all new LiveCode Builder language, a 3.5x performance boost, Script Only stacks for better version control and working in teams, LiveCode for HTML5 and a new Feature Exchange for community funding of new features, among others.

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