Linux Product Insider: Trolltech's Qt 4.4

This week's "Linux Product Insider" features Trolltech's Qt 4.4, Matthew MacDonald's Your Brain: The Missing Manual, the Embedded Linux Track at LinuxWorld, AdRem's NetCrunch 5, MindTouch's Deki Wiki v8.05 and REAL Software's REALbasic 2008 Release 2

Here this week's Linux product news:

Trolltech's Qt 4.4
The well-known Qt cross-platform application framework from Trolltech crossed the Version 4.4 threshold this week. The folks at Trolltech say that Qt 4.4 adds functionality that, "for the first time, enables developers to create applications that blend content from the live Web into native desktop and mobile applications." Furthermore, the new release is intended to make it "easier to deliver a consistent user experience across Windows, Macintosh and Linux systems, as well as on mobile devices." Other new advances include WebKit integration, Windows CE support, Phonon support, a new API for multithreaded applications and enhanced XML support.

Matthew MacDonald's Your Brain: The Missing Manual (O'Reilly)
It's safe to say that we Linux-heads push our brains hard for a living, making Matthew MacDonald's Your Brain: The Missing Manual from O'Reilly a potentially useful book. Your Brain is a practical look at how to get the most out of your noggin -- not just how your grey matters works, but how you can utilize it more effectively. O'Reilly says that this differs from your average self-help guide in that it's grounded in recent neuroscience research. You get a quick tour of several aspects of the brain, complete with useful advice you can apply to everyday situations. Key topics include brain food, sleep, memory training, reason, creativity, problem-solving and understanding other people's brains.

Embedded Linux Conference Track at LinuxWorld Expo
The grand annual summer gathering of Linux folk, LinuxWorld Conference and Expo, has beefed up its conference offerings, adding an Embedded Linux track as part of the inaugural Mobile Linux Conference program. The Embedded Linux track is slated to include the development and life-cycles of Linux-based devices, user interfaces, embedded virtualization and other enabling technologies, and case studies from key applications areas. Some of the specific sessions will include: Open-Source Virtualization: The Right Match for Embedded Linux; Linux as an Innovation Platform for Connected Consumer Electronics Devices; GNU/Linux in Your Car: How to Build a Computer for Your Car; and Embedded Virtualization: Killer App Enabler or Atomic Fly Swatter. The sessions will take place August 5-7 at the Moscone Center in San Francisco, California.

MindTouch's Deki Wiki "Jay Cooke" v8.05
The new v8.05 ("Jay Cooke") release of MindTouch's Deki Wiki is not only the latest version of the company's open source enterprise collaboration and integration platform, but it is also the new platform for Mozilla's Developer Community platform. A key advancement in v8.05 is the "polyglot feature", which allowed Mozilla to consolidate 16 sites in different languages into one. Language can now be specified by section and page, which automatically adapts Deki Wiki's UI to the appropriate language. Also, users may search across languages and search results are prioritized by the user's default language. Other new features include OpenSearch support for automatic search integration with other applications, tools for IP and user banning, transactional page management and the addition of MediaWiki-like talk pages. We imagine that the product's namesake, Jay Cooke, who financed the U.S. Civil War, would have shoved aside his telegraph to check this out.

REAL Software's REALbasic 2008 Release 2
Not letting Trolltech steal the development thunder, REAL Software just announced the new REALbasic 2008 Release 2, a cross-platform development environment for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux developers. The key advancement is this release is the new Pairs class, which allows developers to easily define key/value pairs and define linked lists. Other new features include increased functionality to the introspection feature, better remote debugging, improved bug reporting and over 200 other additions. REALbasic for Linux Personal Edition is offered for free.

AdRem Software's NetCrunch 5
AdRem Software's NetCrunch, just upgraded to Version 5, is a comprehensive, out-of-the-box network monitoring solution for small and medium-sized businesses. AdRem says that NetCrunch can monitor most major operation systems - such as Linux, Windows, NetWare - "in a truly agentless and secure way, without the need to use SNMP." Version 5 contains new features like agentless Linux monitoring, predefined monitoring policies for most major OSes and most popular applications and devices, and user experience monitors for DNS, FTP, SMTP, POP3 and HTTP/S. NetCrunch runs on Windows XP SP2, Windows Vista, and Windows Server 2003.

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