Linux Product Insider: "Robot, Gizmo & Gadget Show"

This "Linux Product Insider" features the Robot, Gizmo & Gadget Show, Microway's NumberSmasher vSMP servers, Excito's Bubba Two Home Server, Van Lindberg's Intellectual Property and Open Source and Running Xen: A Hands-On Guide to the Art of Virtualization.

Here is this week's Linux product news:

The World Electronics Expo and Robot, Gizmo & Gadget Show
The inaugural edition of The World Electronics Expo and RobotGizmo & Gadget Show is a new event to feature the latest from the world of electronics. Categories will include gaming, audio, digital imaging, emerging technolgies, home networking, home theater/audio, in-vehicle technology, wireless and the Robot, Gizmo and Gadget Show. Both members of the trade and the general public will learn about, touch and feel what their future with machines will be and how will it affect their lives. The show will be held June 18-20, 2009 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada, USA.

Microway's NumberSmasher vSMP Linux Servers
A new kid on the computer block is Microway's new line of NumberSmasher vSMP Linux Servers. The systems are touted as easy to use "with a single system and single operating system to manage." They also offer a single large DRAM memory resource that enables larger workloads that cannot be run otherwise and "offers an alternative to costly and proprietary RISC systems." A high-core count allows threaded applications to scale. Microway also claims that these modular, scalable SMP servers maintain a balance between the number of CPUs, memory bandwidth, storage bandwidth and I/O from 4 CPU sockets to 32 sockets. With Intel Harpertown Quad Core Xeon CPUs, these servers support up to 128 Cores, 1 TB DRAM and 32 TB storage.

Excito's Bubba Two Home Server
Following on the success of its Bubba Home Server, the firm Excito has released its follow-on product, the Bubba Two. Bubba Two is a fanless server that connects to your home broadband service and lets you access the files stored on it from anywhere in the world at any time. Excito calls Bubba Two a perfect "central hub in your digital home." One can use the device to Serve movies, photos and music to a wide range of home media players without any configuration, download large files (e.g. with BitTorrent) with a silent device and much more. All functionality is accessible through an easy-to-use Web interface, allowing regular users to fully utilize otherwise technically complex services. For the tech-savvy users however, customizing Bubba Two is easy since it runs Debian. Also included are firewall, wirelss access point and up to 1 TB of disk space. Bubba Two will be available in August, 2008.

Van Lindberg's Intellectual Property and Open Source (O'Reilly)
Van Lindberg's new book, Intellectual Property and Open Source: A Practical Guide to Protecting Code published by O'Reilly, is described as an "engrossing survey of the legal landscape and practical
advice about situations you're likely to encounter when working on open source projects and pursuing new business ideas." Describing the legal system without the legalese, this book looks at intellectual property issues from a developer's point of view. It is written by an attorney who is also a programmer.

Running Xen: A Hands-On Guide to the Art of Virtualization (Prentice Hall)
The editorial army of Jeanna N. Matthews et al. (i.e. 6 other authors) has published the new book Running Xen: A Hands-On Guide to the Art of Virtualization, published by Prentice Hall. The publshers claim that the book "brings together all the knowledge you need to create and manage high–performance Xen virtual machines in any environment." It covers everything from installation to administration — sharing field-tested insights, best practices, and case studies. Other issues include the Xen LiveCD, the Xen hypervisor, hard–disk–based Xen installation, Xen guests and all of their attendant issues and more. Target audiences are administrators, data-center managers, developers, system integrators and ISPs.

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