Linux Product Insider - ”Free the Penguins” Virtualization in Schools Initiative

The "Linux Product Insider" features: ”Free the Penguins” Virtualization in Schools Initiative; ZaReason's Breeze 3110 PC; Gimpel's FlexeLint for C/C++; Glacier Computer's Everest Rugged Industrial Computer; Alternative Technology's Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support.

”Free the Penguins” Virtualization in Schools Initiative

A valiant attempt to ungrip the Microsoft stranglehold on school PCs is the newly announced ”Free the Penguins” Virtualization in Schools Initiative from Omni Technology Solutions, Userful and Novell. The firms claim that “educational institutions looking for a low-cost, eco-friendly alternative to stand-alone Windows desktops can now deploy [the software for] their first 30-station computer lab or classroom free of charge”. Every university, college and school district in the world is eligible to receive a free 30-user Userful Multiplier virtualization software license, while the first 30 customers will also receive a free 30-user subscription to SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell. Omni is the distributor of the free solution. The deadline is November 30, 2008.

ZaReason's Breeze 3110 Minitower PC

Continuing the exciting trend toward more diminutive PCs is ZaReason and its new Breeze 3110 minitower desktop PC. ZaReason says that the Breeze 3110 is a “desktop model which has a lightness, efficiency and quiet that lives up to its name.” The “small and quiet “ Ubuntu-based PC utilizes an Intel Atom 1.6 GHz processor, and the basic device comes with 1GB RAM, a 160GB hard drive, a CD/DVD drive and Gigibit Ethernet. Its dimensions are 24 x 6.5 x 30 cm, about the size of a box of cereal, and it uses a only around 30 watts of power while running typical home computing tasks. ZaReason claims that the Breeze 3110 is suitable for use as a home media server, a family home computer, or a small business office desktop.

Gimpel Software's FlexeLint for C/C++ Version 9.00

'Good things come to those who wait' is the motto of Gimpel Software, releasing their first product upgrade for FlexeLint for C/C++ in seven years with the new Version 9.00. Gimpel's product is a static analyzer that will analyze a mixed suite of C and C++ programs and report on bugs, glitches and inconsistencies. It aids in developing more secure, reliable, maintainable and portable programs. It will speed program development and help to control costs by alerting the programmer to suspect code early in the cycle, when corrections can be made easily and economically. This version adds static variable tracking to the suite of value tracking capabilities that already include inter-statement and inter-function value tracking. It also supports pre-compiled headers that can dramatically increase processing speed. Additional new features include a comprehensive multi-thread analysis, stack usage analysis, program information dump, enhanced message control and message portrayal (HTML output, optional integration with source code), MISRA C 2004 checking and MISRA C++ checking.

Glacier Computer's Everest Rugged Industrial Computer with the IGEL 5310 LX Premium Image

If your application calls for thin clients that can take a major licking, have a look at Glacier Computer's Everest Rugged Industrial Computer running the IGEL 5310 LX Premium Image (on Linux, of course). The Everest is an all-in-one rugged computer designed for harsh environments. Common installations are onboard forklift computers, warehouse walls, and at shop floor data collection stations. The IGEL 5310 thin client is designed specifically "for software environments that require rich digital services, maximum performance, and security." The companies claim that their thin-client experience is so good that users will think they are working on a fat client.

Alternative Technology's Oracle Unbreakable Linux Support

The company Alternative Technology is expanding its offerings to include enterprise-level support for Oracle Unbreakable Linux. The company says that it and its solution providers will now be able to leverage their North American channel, education and technical resources to expand the reach of Oracle's Linux support offering. Alternative Technology says that support is needed for Linux due to issues such as "upgrade stability and backporting, validated configurations, and indemnification against intellectual property infringement claims."

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