Linux Product Insider: CrossOver Linux 7.0

This "Linux Product Insider" features CrossOver Linux 7.0, Skype 4.0 beta, Scoofers Search Engine, BakBone Software's NetVault, MEN Micro's DC1 Rugged Display Computer and PostPath Server HA Edition v2.

Here is this week's Linux product news:

CodeWeavers' CrossOver Linux 7.0
One day the world's application providers will wake up and realize the vast market opportunity that lies in Linux. Until then, there's CodeWeavers' CrossOver Linux 7.0, the newest version of an application that allows users to run Microsoft Windows applications on their Linux desktops. CrossOver Office, which is based on Wine (i.e. "Wine is Not an Emulator") 1.0, adds support for Microsoft Office 2007, Outlook 2007, Quicken 2007 and Adobe CS2 product lines to its existing range of supported applications. CodeWeavers emphasizes the new fixes and features found in Wine 1.0, such as support for Active X controls within Intenet Explorer. CrossOver Office comes in Standard and Pro editions, the latter of which includes the application CrossOver Games and a longer support period. A similar application, CrossOver Mac 7.0 for Mac OS, is also newly available.

Skype 4.0 beta (for Windows only!)
Although this Linux fanatic is happy to see the Internet communications company Skype forward its feature set with the beta release of Skype 4.0, our ilk should feel miffed that the Linux release is falling ever further behind. Skype says that Version 4.0 will be its biggest makeover since its original release five years ago and will add features such as simplifying video calls, a full-screen video option, a more intuitive UI, a tool to test microphones and Web cams, and contact import tools for Outlook, Yahoo! and MSN Hotmail. A final release is due in late summer. Finally, a note of complaint to Skype for slighting Linux would be great!

Scoofers Social Search Engine
Rather than topple Google, the 'strategery' for a new batch of search engine is to beat it at a particular niche. Such is the aim of Scoofers, a Dutch and US-based site that adds expert knowledge from social bookmarking sites to improve search results. The search results are ranked based on the popularity of these shared links. In addition to a general search engine, Scoofers has launched four specialty search engines that focus on travel, electronics, dining and fashion/shopping. The search engine also offers its own search-engine toolbar.

BakBone Software's NetVault: Backup Free Use Edition
From its temporary perch at the Red Hat Summit in Boston, BakBone Software just announced a new product, NetVault: Backup Free Use Edition developed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Bakbone calls it "the industry's first data protection solution to marry open source economics with the safety of enterprise-class functionality and scalability." Target customers are small- and medium-sized enterprises and emerging markets. NetVault: Backup Free Use Edition is available via via Red Hat's Compatible Software Catalog and via download from BakBone's Web site.

MEN Micro's DC1 Rugged Display Computer
One of the exciting new offerings that include Intel's new Atom processor is MEN Micro's DC1, a new fanless, rugged display computer for maintenance-free operation in harsh and mobile applications. Calling its device "the first ruggedized panel PC of its kind", the DC1 combines a 1.6 GHz Intel Atom processor with aluminum construction to provide a low power, highly reliable computer that withstands the vigorous environments found within many mobile, mission-critical and harsh applications. Intended applications include transportation, avionics, medical engineering and industrial automation. The DC1 also features a total power dissipation of 20 W, operates over an extended temperature range of -40°C to +70°C and for 15 minutes up to +85°C according to railway standard EN 50155, class Tx. Because the control electronics are located directly behind the display, says MEN Micro, the DC1 employs conductive cooling between the electronics and the display, eliminating the need for a cooling fan.

PostPath Server High Availability Edition v2
PostPath hopes that the new v2 of its PostPath Server High Availability Edition will induce you to lift out Microsoft Exchange and drop in its own email and collaboration server. PostPath Server is billed as "a standards-based, open-systems solution for ensuring real-time business continuity and uninterrupted uptime for a company’s critical email and collaboration applications at a fraction of the cost and complexity of Microsoft Exchange." PostPath further asserts that implementing high availability with Exchange is so complex and expensive that many businesses have chosen to live without it, which in the event of a failure can cause significant data loss and extend outages. In contrast, PostPath offers "redundancy and high availability that is simple to implement and available at a fraction of the cost of any Exchange-based approach." V2 of PostPath Server offers, among other advancements, more types of high-availability configurations.

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