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Voting for the 2013 Readers' Choice Awards is now complete. Please visit us in December for the results!


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Zenoss best monitoring software

Anonymous's picture

Zenoss best monitoring software

Who picked this stuff

Tim's picture

SaltStack apparently does everything in the world and no one has ever heard of Chef. Who picks this stuff?


Nakarin's picture

+1 for CFEngine. :-D


Brad Knowles's picture

So, SaltStack qualifies as a package management system, along with apt and RPM?!?

How did SaltStack qualify in even half of these categories? Was someone trolling when they created the initial list of questions?

And who is Rick Astley, anyway?

Actually, Salt has created

Colton Myers's picture

Actually, Salt has created its own package management system for Windows. So yes, it is a package manager....just not for Linux. ;)

For linux it creates its own layer on top of the existing package managers.


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Talking about browsers, where

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Talking about browsers, where did Konqueror go?? You're killing me

Talking about desktop

Anonymous's picture

Talking about desktop environments, what's up with the blowout of KDE into KDE, KDE plasma and kwin!? WTF! Are you trying to lower KDE's rating to favor GNOME or something?

There can't be any good

Anonymous's picture

There can't be any good explanation as to why ArchLinux isn't present at every category that gentoo is present, as they have the same release patern, and archlinux is more stable

Some of the ratings might be

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Some of the ratings might be a little previous, but Jolla and Sailfish OS have earned the right to be judged because of the quality of their system and hardware.


Dave Koelmeyer's picture

GlassFish should really be an option as a Java app server...

A very good year all round

Anonymous's picture

A very good year all round for Linux.


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Dodoimedo should read Dedoimedo :)


Ubunutu? Nokia doing linux?

Zaffar's picture

I'm googling that.

Desktop environment options ...

Aaron Seigo's picture

In the "Best Desktop Environment" section there is, as someone noted above, all of "KDE", "KDE Plasma" and "KWin".. They should be just one entry: KDE Plasma. Hopefully you can count all votes for those together so as to avoid vote splitting and confusion.

teh twollz!

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Question 65: Which questions did you answers in a trolling manner?

typos typos...

Anonymous's picture

there are several typos, and i m not navite .... :)

Best Desktop Environment . .

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Best Desktop Environment
. . .
KDE Plasma



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