Linux Journal Flickr Pool Roundup

Linux Journal's Flickr pool regularly brings in fun photos from readers around the world. We encourage you to add to the pool anything "Linux-ey" (up for interpretation but frankly that's half of the fun). Here are some of the most recent additions:

phoch_98 parties like it's 1999 2000.

elwoodicious shares a photo of his lil' hacker with us (what a cutie!).

p-der appears to be telling us Linux Journal is for the dogs. Sniff. Sniff.

World Linux Traveler gets his own Tux cake and "shares" with us.

CandyTX's family built a Lego Tux with his very own computer.

In addition to what we post in Linux Journal's Flickr Pool Roundup here online, we also choose one photo to be run in the print magazine as Photo of the Month. The photo's owner receives a free LJ t-shirt as their lucky prize, so make sure to add your photo to the pool! Our last Photo of the Month winner was Cory Wright of Natuba. No caption needed:

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