Linux Foundation Works to Find Work for Linux Workers

The Linux Foundation does many things: it coordinates Linux development, advocates for Open Source adoption, offers a variety of conferences and events throughout the year, and supports Linus' continuing work on the Linux kernel, and quite a bit more. As of last Thursday, there is a new addition to the Foundation's "what we do" list: it finds you a job.

Linux adoption continues to grow exponentially, and with increased adoption comes an increase in employment opportunities for qualified professionals. Though the corporate world may be short on experienced pros, the Linux Foundation certainly isn't — between its various offerings, it boasts a reach measured in millions. Connecting the two is a logical extension of the Foundation's mission and the goal of the newly unveiled job board at

According to Executive Director Jim Zemlin, the Foundation hopes to "bring together employers, recruiters and job seekers to lay the intellectual foundation for tomorrow’s IT industry." The board, which has already attracted a number of listings, is an extension of's existing community resources. Site members already have the opportunity to contribute in various ways — providing content, participating in groups, and offering support to Linux users, among others. Users have the option to add a resume to their profile, as well as information from LinkedIn.

The Foundation is partnering with The JobThread Network to provide two options for those interested in adding listings to the board. Posters can elect to list their open positions with JobThread's network of sites in addition to, or to post only on Though the board is free for those seeking jobs, there is a fee for posting positions. The option runs $99 for fifteen days or $199 for thirty days — the dual-listing package uses a "pay for performance" model that charges 49¢ per-view.

The board offers email alerts and RSS feeds for tracking new listings, and the Foundation will be posting job opportunities to its Twitter feed.

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