Linux is Everywhere...So where do we go from here?

We all know that Linux has changed the small ways and large. One of the ways it's changed the world is by changing the way work gets done in corporations, big and small, around the world. As with the computer itself, the effects of ever-advancing Linux seem evolutionary and "slow & steady" from day to day. But in the 20 years since its introduction, the impact Linux has made in macro is truly staggering!

Today everything from cars and jets to every supercomputer and most servers in datacenters have Linux somewhere...doing something important. Linux is, indeed everywhere! How'd that happen? And more importantly, what will happen next?

RedHat certainly has had a lot to do with the proliferation of Linux. It will have even greater impact on the shape of computing, data centers, enterprise IT and basically how everything gets done in the future, and on Tuesday, June 10th, starting at 11 AM they're going to give you an inside look.

Redefining the Enterprise OS, a very special RedHat Virtual Event, will offer an unprecedented look into the future of IT, including real, hands on solutions to problems confronting IT professionals every day. Learn more and register HERE.

The event begins at 11 with the Keynote: Redefining the Enterprise OS, delivered by Paul Cormier, President, and Jim Totton, VP of RedHat's Platform Business Unit. There will be live Q & A after that followed by 3 sets of breakout sessions devoted to the categories of Open Hybrid Cloud, Conatiners...ever the hot topic at Linux Journal...and Operational Efficiency. Each category will have 3 separate 20 minute sessions led by experts from within and outside RedHat.

Check out the sessions, or if you've read enough, register.

It is guaranteed to be the most productive 2 hours you'll spend this week. See you there.

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