Last Day For LinuxCon Early Birds

If you've been sitting on the fence, trying to decide whether this year's LinuxCon is a trip you want to take, today is a good day to take the plunge — a plunge that will save you $100.

Getting in early on conference registrations has a number of benefits, not the least of which is knowing from the start that your spot is secure. Many offer an additional perk — and an attractive one at that — in the form of an "Early Bird" discount that can often save you quite a bit of cash.

In the case of LinuxCon — which will convene in Boston this year, from August 10th - 12th — being an Early Bird earns you 25% off the $400 for a regular registration. The deal only lasts so long, though — and in this case, "so long" is one more day.

The registration deadline does seem somewhat unfortunately timed, however, as the conference's program has yet to be revealed. When the Call for Proposals was announced in February, acceptance/rejection notices were due to go out on April 15 — that has since been pushed out to the 30th. (The original early registration deadline was the 15th as well, and was extended as well.)

Still, those who know they will be there, regardless of the program, stand to save considerably if they sign up before the 30th is over.

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