Kolab Systems AG and Collabora's CloudSuite

The chemistry created by the Kolab Systems-Collabora Productivity partnership enabled CloudSuite, the first 100% open-source, enterprise-grade cloud office suite. Kolab Systems' contribution is its Kolab open-source groupware and collaboration framework; Collabora Productivity is the architect behind LibreOffice Online, the cloud-based office productivity suite. The integration of CloudSuite into Kolab allows users to work on documents simultaneously using a full-featured on-line office suite.

Collaboratively, they can compose text documents, fill spreadsheets and design presentations, even from different locations. Documents can be saved in Microsoft-compatible and Open Document formats. The CloudSuite offering also includes Collabora Office, a professional LibreOffice distribution, for off-line use on the desktop. An important motivation for both firms in this effort involves a desire to move away from closed and insecure solutions to ones that respect users' freedoms, protect their privacy and guarantee their work will not be locked away in proprietary formats.

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