Kernel Developers Take a Stand for Open Source Drivers

With the support of the Linux Foundation, a group of 130+ Linux Kernel Developers issued a statement intended to urge hardware manufacturers to discontinue issuing closed-source drivers and kernel modules, describing them as "harmful and undesirable."

In their statement The Linux Foundation outlines some community ideals that most of us are familiar with.

The open source nature of Linux is intrinsic to its success. We encourage manufacturers to work with the kernel community to provide open source kernel modules in order to enable their users and themselves to take advantage of the considerable benefits that Linux makes possible.

The question of timing is perhaps the most interesting part of the story. The statements made today are a response to a steady influx of inquiries from companies attempting to get a feel for developers' opinions on the subject. It is encouraging that such inquiries are made, as it may indicate increased interest in serving the needs of the Linux community.

Katherine Druckman, a self-described Drupal fangirl, is the Director of Digital Experience at Linux Journal. She’s an HTML-flinging, PHP-hacking ​webmistress by day, and a refined connoisseur of historic architecture and fine Chinese ceramics by night. She usually can be found surrounded by the charm of aging Texas buildings from the pioneer days or appreciating ceramics of the Song and Qing dynasties.

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