Kernel 4.16-rc1, Qubes OS 4.0, OpenSUSE's Tumbleweed and More

News updates for February 1, 2018.

Today Linux kernel 4.16-rc1 introduces three new driver subsystems and the VirtualBox Guest driver. See the pull request for the complete list of changes.

Qubes OS 4.0-rc4 has been released, which "contains important safeguards against the Spectre and Meltdown attacks, as well as bug fixes for many of the issues discovered in the previous release candidate." See the release notes for more details.

Cisco announced its new Cisco Container Platform yesterday, which "simplifies and accelerates how application development and information technology (IT) operations teams configure, deploy, and manage container clusters based on 100 percent upstream Kubernetes."

openSUSE's rolling release Tumbleweed had six new software snapshots released this week, which included an update of GCC to 7.3 and firewalld replacing SuSEFirewall2.

The winners of the Google Code-in 2017 were announced yesterday on the Google Open Source Blog.


Jill Franklin, Executive Editor, Linux Journal