Join Linux Journal Live! Tonight

Join Editor Shawn Powers and Steven Evatt, Online Development Manager for the Houston Chronicle, this Thursday evening live here on

Tonight's show is about disaster. Steven Evatt knows a lot about the subject as he and his team were responsible for keeping Houston's newspaper on-line during Hurricane Ike --using Linux of course. Not only did he have to keep up and running during a natural disaster but he did so while their traffic increased nearly six-fold. We'll talk to Steven about his awesome ninja skills, the Chronicle's infrastructure, CMS, etc., and how Linux saved the day.

In addition to Steven's story tonight we'll chat about backups, data recovery, data restoration, off-site redundancy, and so on. We'll open the room to questions so bring yours with.

When: Thursday evening, October 2nd @ 8:30pm Eastern/5:30pm Pacific Time (00:30 GMT)
Length: 30 minutes
Host: Editor Shawn Powers
Co-Host: Houston Chronicle's Steven Evatt

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