Jetico's BestCrypt Container Encryption for Linux

Cyber-attacks are now constant, threats to privacy are increasing, and more rigid regulations are looming worldwide. To help IT folks relax in the face of these challenges, Jetico updated its BestCrypt Container Encryption solution to include Container Guard.

This unique feature of Jetico's Linux file encryption protects container files from unauthorized or accidental commands—like copying, modification, moving, deletion and re-encryption—resulting in bolstered security and more peace of mind. Only users with the admin password can disable Container Guard, increasing the security of sensitive files.

The BestCrypt update also adds the Resident feature, an automatic password prompt for mounting containers at startup. That same feature will dismount containers after a time period of inactivity as set by the user.

While user-friendly and time-saving, these added features also provide an extra layer of protection when working on shared computers. On endpoints or in the cloud, data encrypted with BestCrypt can be accessed via Linux, Android, Windows and Mac devices.

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