iguazio's Continuous Analytics Solution

In industries like financial services, healthcare and IoT, organizations are faced with the challenge of complexity across the entire data lifecycle. To help enterprises solve big data operational challenges and generate real-time insights, iguazio has developed a new Continuous Analytics Solution.

Deploying a continuous data consumption approach, the solution reduces time to insights from hours to seconds, eliminating data pipeline complexities while seamlessly integrating with Apache Spark and Kubernetes. Data is at the center of iguazio's real-time continuous analytics platform, which simplifies the data pipeline and speeds it up—ingesting, enriching, analyzing and serving it—all in one unified platform. By integrating with the open-source Spark and Kubernetes frameworks, it accelerates insight generation and enables rapid deployment of a variety of stateless analytics services and data processing tasks.

iguazio's platform secures the data and allows accessing the same records simultaneously through streaming, object and database APIs. iguazio's business value is driven by three key capabilities: real-time insights and faster analytics, developer and operator simplicity and agility and fine-grained security.

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