Icinga 2 Version 2.11 Release Candidate Announced, Pinebook Pro Available for Pre-Order, Sailfish OS 3.1 Seitseminen Released, VirtualBox 6.0.10 Is Out, and It's National Sysadmin Day

News briefs for July 26, 2019.

The Icinga team announces a release candidate for Icinga 2 version 2.11. Main improvements in Icinga 2.11 include a rewritten network stack, improved cluster sync, self-healing and debugging docs, and much more. See the Icinga blog for more details.

The Pinebook Pro is now available for pre-order. It's FOSS reports that "The new Pinebook Pro is capable of playing 4K videos and performs as a decent low-end desktop computer like Raspberry Pi 4." It comes with Debian as the default OS, and Chromium OS and Android 9 also are available. It costs $199.99, and you can pre-order from here. Pine64 notes that "When fulfilling the purchase, please bear in mind that we are offering the Pinebook Pro at this price as a community service to PINE64, Linux and BSD communities. We make no profit from selling these units."

Sailfish OS Seitseminen is now available. Sailfish OS 3.1 is the biggest update since the launch of Sailfish 3 a year ago, and it's named after Seitseminen National Park. This version "brings redesigns to core apps such as People, Phone, Messages and Clock. Other areas that have been improved include; Document viewers, Email, Calendar, Dual SIM Card viewer information and Gallery gestures which have been improved." Security improvements include filesystem encryption support, "fingerprint authentication support for XA2 devices, updates to VPN to increase the security of your traffic from the first moment you use your phone and added protection to many system APIs and functionalities."

VirtualBox 6.0.10 was released recently. According to Softpedia News, this version fixes various issues and includes "some notable changes for Linux-based operating systems, especially Ubuntu and Debian GNU/Linux hosts, which received support for UEFI Secure Boot driver signing. Additionally, Linux hosts got better support for various kernels on Debian GNU/Linux and Fedora systems." Go here to download.

Last but not least, Happy SysAdmin Day!

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