How to Deliver Hybrid Apps in 2 Weeks [Webcast]

Have you fully unlocked the potential of DevOps? Need some expert advice on how to accelerate application delivery on hybrid cloud? Join us for this free webcast for Linux Journal Readers.

How to Deliver Hybrid Apps in Two Weeks
July 21, 2015
11:00 AM PDT

Join this webcast featuring DevOps experts Sanjeev Sharma, IBM CTO and Distinguished Engineer; Synchrony Systems CEO Slavik Zorin; and Silverpop production operations director John Karnes as they discuss the challenges that limit application delivery innovation and how they accelerated the lifecycle to deliver hybrid apps in two weeks instead of two months. They’ll also offer tips that will help you develop a business case to get started with DevOps initiatives.

In this webcast:

  • Learn about the vision that includes DevOps tools, process and culture.
  • Find out about the maturity of DevOps and what its future looks like.
  • Understand how DevOps can leverage cloud to deliver hybrid applications.
  • Find out how DevOps can help with the challenges of two-speed IT.
  • Learn about the process changes required to extend DevOps across the organization.

Attend the webcast on Tuesday, July 21 at 2pm EDT / 11am PDT to learn how you can accelerate application delivery to provide new capabilities and new features on demand via continuous delivery for hybrid cloud applications.

Duration: 35 minutes with 10 minute Q&A

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